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Jul 14, 2012 4:00pm PDT
>> reporter: jeanne moos, cnn. new york. >> that does it for me. thank you very much for watching. i'm wolf blitzer in "the situation room." the news continues next on cnn. >>> good evening, everybody. i'm poppy harlow in for don lemon. let's get you up to speed on the news of the day. two americans kidnapped overseas. now the people who grabbed them are making demands. here's where it happened in egypt's sinai peninsula. a pastor from massachusetts, a woman traveling with his group and their egyptian tour guide were abducted. they were stopped in northern sinai. we're live from the family's home near boston in a moment. also, secretary of state hillary clinton meeting with egypt's newly elected president and pledging u.s. support for the return of civilian leadership there. muhammad morsi won that seat two weeks ago, but there's still no cabinet or parliament. >>> two weeks before the start of the olympics, the company providing security guards said it's failed to recruit enough staff and could lose as much as $77 million for not covering the contract. the government has to deplo
Jul 14, 2012 7:00pm EDT
and their egyptian tour guide. the kidnappers have made some demands. i want to go straight to liam martin, with cnn affiliate wcvd. he joins us live in massachusetts. liam, you've had the opportunity to talk to the family, get a sense of whether they're hopeful. what can you tell us about what they've learned about the pastor's situation? >> reporter: poppy, all they know right now is that he is okay. the egyptian who kidnapped them has said they're going to be okay. he's been feeding them dinners and taking care of them. he essentially wants to exchange them for his uncle who is in prison in egypt right now. we're at the home of the pastor in boston. several of his family members have been here all day. they say to find strength in one another. he's been a pastor of two pentecostal churches here in the boston area for 34 years. tonight, this community is turning its prayers toward him. >> we don't have any more information other than what we hear in the news and what you guys are hearing. we're all in good spirits, because we know that the god we serve is in control of the matter. the only concern
Jul 31, 2012 11:00am EDT
.com today. >>> quick note for those of you if you're heading out the door, continue watching cnn from your mobile phone or if you're heading to work, you can also watch cnn live from your desktop go to >>> so, if you want to know how mitt romney enjoyed his week-long visit to the uk, israel and poland, you might not want to ask him at a photo-op. p his handlers didn't like it either. the president's day in warsaw, a wreath laying at the tomb of the unknown soldier followed by a speech of his economic and political ideas. >> the world should pay close attention to the transformation of poland's economy. a march towards economic liberty and smaller government has meant a march towards higher living standards, a strong military that defends liberty at home and abroad and an important and growing role on the international stage. >> cnn's jim acosta traveling with romney joins me live. let's talk about what mitt romney was wanting to accomplish in poland. >> well, kyra, what he wanted to accomplish here in poland is basically to pay tribute to the polish for their transformation fro
Jul 25, 2012 1:00pm PDT
enforcement official briefed on the investigation tells cnn police and the fbi have discovered a package in the university of colorado mail room that appears to have been mailed by the suspected shooter, james holmes. cnn's ed lavandera is in aurora for us. ed, what do we know about this package? >> reporter: well, we're still trying to gather information on what exactly is inside that package, wolf. but as you mentioned that law enforcement official telling cnn that on monday police and fbi discovered a package that was apparent apparently sent by james holmes, the 24-year-old suspected gunman. now it's unclear obviously if this package was indeed sent by him, it was clearly sent before he was taken into custody. it arrived at some point on monday at the university mail room. we've also been told by hospital officials over the last couple of days this is something we've been monitoring for some time that there were two packages that were suspicious and were being looked into, one found in the mail room and also one that was actually delivered to a university professor. so we've been try
Jul 13, 2012 10:00am PDT
a great gig to be able to share something. >> reporter: alina cho, cnn, paris. >> for alina's special back stage pass from paris tomorrow july 14th at 2:30 eastern. >>> several stories caught our attention today. here in india these folk dancers performed during a travel and tourism fair in calcutta. participants from all over the world planned to travel across the country to show case their products and services to attract more tourists. >>> a controversial issue brings out the clowns in the west bank. activists and palestinians dressed as clowns. they marched past israeli soldiers earlier today. they are protesting against israel's controversial barrier in the west bank near bethlehem. >>> i'm suzanne malveaux. america's largest bank opens its books. it ain't pretty. >>> also the late joe paterno speaking out in the wake of the penn state sex scandal. >>> the outcry over teen usa's olympic uniforms. why one lawmaker wants them burned. let's get straight to it. in london soccer star john kerry has been found not guilty of racially abusing an opponent. the two had an exchang
Jul 5, 2012 9:15am EDT
, with russia today, with the bbc and cnn international. there has been a procession in the developing world -- a perception in the developing world that media has been dominated by cnn and bbc. i think there has been in the last 10 years a situation where a lot of countries including china are saying that we need to have part of this pie. we need to be able to present alternatives to what the bbc and cnn and the big players are doing. host: here is an e-mail -- let's take a look at a clip from a show called 24-china about asians in america. >> the u.s. asian population has risen in recent years at rates rarely reveled in america. as a modern immigration wave that pushed the group from less than 1% of the population in 1965 to a record 18. million in 2011, more than five- fold increase. host: was that story of interest? guest: that is from our correspondent and los angeles. essentially, a lot of stories that involve asia and americans are very much part of the agenda of cctv news. the survey that that piece came out of was that the asian- american community is now the largest community -- m
Jul 25, 2012 4:00pm EDT
from her home at gunpoint. cnn's lisa sylvester's working the story for us. what happened here, lisa? >> hi there, wolf. what we know is this all started about 7:00, 8:00 yesterday morning when a man apparently approached and went to violet ripken's house and abducted her at gunpoint. he then according to authorities spent most of the day driving around in her car throughout central maryland. and it was only until around 8:30 last night when there was a citizen in the neighboring county, in baltimore county, who saw a suspicious vehicle. he called it in to county authorities. and at that point it was that tip that eventually led to violet ripken being found this morning unharmed back near her house in aberdeen. she was however bound. authorities at this point are not clear what the motive is in all of this. they do say though that her credit cards have been used, but there was no apparent ransom that was discussed. a ransom never came up at all. we have more information now from the police chief here at aberdeen. >> he was driving her vehicle, which was a silver lincoln continental.
Jul 5, 2012 8:00am PDT
. "cnn newsroom" continues with my good pal kyra phillips. >>> good morning. what could have saved the 228 people on an air france flight that plunged into the ocean? new answers today on that 2009 tragedy. >>> a deadly police beating one year ago in fuller ton, california. back in the headlines. what's next in the kelly thomas saga? >>> also this hour, herman cain in the house to tell us all about his new project and share his one-of-a-kind insights on today's headlines. >>> first, though, the road to the white house has always run through ohio, so president obama, of course, hitting the road in ohio. live pictures right now. the tarmac in toledo. soon he'll be on a bus dubbed "betting on america." the first stop the museum in mao me. you'll see that live at 40 past the hour give or take. in the meantime let's bring in cnn's dan lothian who's already there. dan, this is actually the president's first bus tour, right? >> reporter: it is. he has done two other bus tours but those were, as the white house described them, official bus tour. this is the first one of his campaign and th
Jul 25, 2012 9:00am PDT
's biggest city and a boy's across continent plane ride with no passport or ticket. welcome to the "cnn newsroom" international. it is the u.s. versus france as well, and we are keeping an eye on that women's olympic soccer happening right now in london. hello, everyone, i'm fredricka whitfield in for suzanne malveaux, and we are taking you around the world in 60 minutes. >>> this is the scene in aleppo, syria, today. intense fighting between the rebel forces and government troops. the military is sending 2,000 more troops in an effort to retake the city. meanwhile, turkey announced, it is closing the border with syria, and thousands have fled across the border to escape the violence. the al qaeda-linked group known as the islamic state of iraq is claiming responsibility for the attack that killed and wounded hundreds of people this week alo alone. the group posted the claims online describing the attacks as a start of new state of jihad. monday was the deadliest day of the year. 103 people died in bombings and shootings throughout the country, and most of those targeted were shiite mus
Jul 26, 2012 9:00am PDT
the overseas tour. jim acosta, cnn, london. >>. >>> all right. let's take to the streets of london and becky an dderson is parliament square, and beck di ki, people in london reacting to romney's comments or are they? and they are watching the torch make the final round around those historic sites. >> it is going to be said that they are more interested in where the torch is. it is passing through london's most iconic landmarks in the 69th day of a 70-day torch relay. the organizers here in london promise it is a truly national event, and that torch after it arrived from athens 69 days ago and police all over the place and real security here and apologies for that siren, and in the uk, it is something like 13 miles and millions of people have seen it winding through the country. people all over from parliament square here, and then it leaves here to buckingham palace where prince harry and the duke and the duchess of cambridge will be seeing it swapped by charity workers who are the torchbearers, and 173 of them. and so back to romney and the comments, i have done a fair ly unsophisticated s
Jul 31, 2012 9:00am PDT
heating up. cnn is there for a rare glimpse inside that civil war. >>> first, a big controversy at the olympics. that's right. a 16-year-old chinese swimmer wins the gold medal and denies that she is doping. ye shiwen set a record yesterday. on saturday, she won gold in the 400 meter individual medley. yesterday, the head of the world swimming association called her swim unbelievable. and suggested she may be doping. the young swimmer, she told reporters late last night and we are quoting here, my achievements derive from diligence and hard work. i will never use drugs. the chinese team is extremely strict on doping control. so i can assure you that it is not an issue with us. and women's gymnastics, the team finals happening right now. if the u.s. wins, it will be their first team gold since 1996. we'll keep you posted on that one. i want to go back to the swimming. the women's 200 meter freestyle happening in about two hours. 17-year-old american missy franklin, she is taking on the world record holder, that is fredricka pell greeny of italy. in men's swimming, michael phelps
Jul 14, 2012 9:00am PDT
opposition wants kofi annan removed saying he has failed to broker a peace plan. a u.s. official tells cnn syria is believed to be moving some of its chemical weapons. why? it is unclear, the answer that is, but the question is causing significant concerns here in the u.s. and abroad. here is barbara starr. >> a new worry about how far al-assad will go to keep his grip on power. the u.s. now believes the syrian regime has moved some of its chemical weapons in recent days. as the fighting continues, u.s. officials will only say the weapons are still under the control of assad forces but a former cia director says make no mistake, the u.s. is urgently trying to gather all the intelligence it can. >> i would see that ratcheting up. you just want to know, look, at the end of the day if something untoward is happening, you want to have as much time as possible to assess what it is and be able to develop a response. >> the pentagon won't comment on the story first reported by the wall street journal but said any use of chemical weapons by syria would be a red line for the international community
Jul 14, 2012 12:00pm EDT
intervention. barbara starr, cnn, the pentagon. >> now video from northeast india has has gone viral. i must warn you the images you're about to see are disturbing. a young girl attacked and molested by a group of men outside a par. police have arrested four of the 14 suspects. they are charged with molestation, unlawful restraint, vulgar behavior and causing harm. official records show there has been an increase in crimes against women in particular in india. now to northern afghanistan where at least 17 people were killed in a suicide bomb attack at a wedding. 40 others injured. it seems the target of the attack was a prominent member of the afghan parliament. he was killed as he welcomed guests to his daughter's wedding. no one has claimed responsibility so far. the taliban is suspected. >>> back here at home turning to politics, president obama's campaign has released a new ad today featuring mitt romney singing america the beautiful. obama's campaign charges in the ad that romney either shipped jobs, outsourced, or forward portions of his portfolio to other countries and it comes as the
Jul 31, 2012 12:00pm EDT
. >> that aide who said that has since apologized. want to bring in hala gorani with cnn international. covering numerous campaigns. the language can get a little salty. usually not captured on camera. >> didn't we get a shove it to a political reporter -- a politico reporter as well. >> tell us more about this. i think for viewers they may not understand how this works. when you're traveling with a candidate, you know, you have a certain opportunity -- or the president -- you shaout questios because you don't get a chance to really get to the candidate or to the president. >> and you covered the white house for ten years. you followed presidents and candidates as well. what is the -- what are the rules of -- >> it is funny, i covered president clinton during the milli monica lewinsky scandal and it happened all the time. he would be with world leaders and report woeers would ask him about what people cared about in that investigation at the time. that's what people were talking about. that's what they cared about. it happens and it might look strange that -- it might look disrespectful in some
Jul 12, 2012 1:00pm PDT
to helping to build greater awareness of the societal issue of child abuse. >> cnn's susan candiotti is joining us now. louis freeh led this study. it was very, very bitter and damming. >> reporter: it was, wolf. right out of the gate, louis freeh made it clear that children were victimized because four top penn state officials did nothing to stop jerry sandusky. and named names including a man's name synonymous with penn state university, the late coach joe paterno. from the moment jerry sandusky was marched before the public branded a predatory pedophile, a troubling question lingered, what did those at penn state university do to stop him? now the public has an answer. >> our most saddening and sobering finding is the total disregard for the safety and welfare of sandusky's child victims by the most senior leaders at penn state. >> reporter: louis freeh, hired by the university to investigate its role in the jerry sandusky scandal delivered a scathing 267-page report. 430 interviews, 3.5 million pieces of evidence adding up to one major finding about what they did with evidence of
Jul 31, 2012 1:00pm PDT
-down interviews including ones with cnn's wolf blitzer and piers morgan. still the obama campaign slammed romney as not ready for primetime while the trip got a more sympathetic response from the white house. >> these are high stakes enterprises that pulling them off is a lot harder than it looks. that they can be very tense especially if they're not going well. >> reporter: signaling that it's turning the page the romney campaign unveiled a new smartphone app adesigned to announce the pick in a few weeks. >> i know what it's like to hire people and wonder whether you're going to make ends meet down the road. >> reporter: romney never openly criticized the president during this overseas trip, but all of that will change later this week when romney heads to the battleground state of colorado, joe. >> jim, i think the question at this stage is whether we've seen an apology from the aide who had that sort of misuse of words there, if you will. >> reporter: joe, there was no official apology from the campaign, but that aide did call a couple of reporters, he did apologize over the phone and the apol
Jul 5, 2012 11:00am EDT
about 11:40 eastern. you'll hear him live here in the "cnn newsroom." >>> the republican governor of louisiana and former governor of minnesota are tracing the president's route as mitt romney's surrogates. bob j jindal and tim pawlenty call their tour the middle-class promise gap tour. >> this president has been bad for america, bad for ohio. here in ohio where 40,000 fewer jobs than when he took office. average income has gone down $3,000. the list goes on an on. but the bottom line is this. we've gotten tired of the broken promises. we need to elect mitt romney. >> the two are due in parma the next hour. romney himself remains on a working vacation in new hampshire. >>> with the olympics just a few weeks away, police in london are taking no chances. and today they arrested five men and a woman in separate areas of london. the six are suspected of being part of a possible terror plot with potential targets in the uk. nic robertson on this out of london. so what more do we know, nic? >> police are saying it was an intelligence-lead operation that they were involved in the terrori
Jul 25, 2012 12:00pm EDT
, and as a commercial hub, it is a crucial city in the country's 16-month conflict. we are joined by cnn anchor hala gorani, and you can give us a better idea of how significant it would be to take control of a aleppo? >> well, it is extremely significant and probably as significant as damascus, which is the administrative capital of syria, but aleppo is the economic beating heart of the country. it is diverse and has more christians than damascus does. the rebels are in much closer to the center than they have ever been and that is what is important and interesting of what is going on and significant. you showed a google map with the citadel which is the 13th century medieval fort, and the rebels have reached the center of the old city which is one neighborhood there, and whether or not they keep the territory is another question, because now what everyone is bracing for is for the regular syrian army to come in, and we have heard of reports of fighter jets pounding the rebel strongholds, and now we might hear street to street battlesles betwethe regular syr army, and it will be bloody. >> it is fu
Jul 13, 2012 11:00am EDT
insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. out the door. you can continue watching cnn from your mobile phone or if heading to work, you can watch it live from a desktop. go to >>> president obama is spending most of the next few days in virginia, a state he carried in 2008, ending a 44 year losing streak. democratic presidential candidates in the old dominion, speaks next hour in virginia beach, then off to hampton, roanoke. it is important to both candidates. >> reporter: it is important to both. particularly for president obama as you pointed out, he did win there in 2008, first time a democrat had done that in decades. it was a narrow victory for the president trying to hang onto the key battle ground state. seeing in the last few months, a strong pinch from the obama team to go after military veterans. that's especially important in a state like virginia that has a big population of military personnel. so the president's message not only today but tomorrow will be focused on helping the middle class and helping people get into the middle class. you'll also hear t
Jul 4, 2012 1:00pm PDT
, take a look at it. >> reporter: but finally he gave cnn the news. >> the supreme court is the final word, right? the highest court in the land? they said it was a tax, didn't they? so it's a tax. that's what they say it is. >> reporter: the main reason the already cautious romney was especially careful here is because the gop message on the mandate is already muddled. earlier this week a top romney advisor said the candidate did not think the insurance mandate is a tax but rather a penalty. what democrats call it. >> the governor believes what we put in place in massachusetts was a penalty. and he disagrees with the court's ruling that the mandate was a tax. >> reporter: that enfuruated republicans in washington for imposing what they call the biggest tax in american history. democrats here shadowing romney's event didn't miss a beat. >> i think people see the president as being a strong leader standing up for his principles and moving forward. we'll let mitt romney argue with himself. >> reporter: romney's news came during a brief bit of independence day action in an otherwise quie
Jul 30, 2012 1:00pm PDT
situation room." >>> today we're coming to you live from cnn's jerusalem, israel. he left there live earlier today. he's now in poland with the president-elect. we're going to have a live report in the next hour from pole land. we begin this hour with my one-on-one interview with the republican presidential candidate. governor romney, thanks so much for joining us, in jerusalem. what a beautiful city. i'm sure you've been moved by what you've seen so far. >> it's a holy city, a city of a great and courageous people. my wife and i first came here in 1995 and have been here four times now. we're moved and inspired by what we see here. >> do you consider jerusalem to be the capital? >> yes, of course. jew res l >> would you move the embassy to jerusalem? >> it's long been the policy of have the nation's embassy in the capital. if i were president, i would want to take it in consultation with the leadership of the government, which exists at that time. so i would follow the same policy we have in the past. our embassy would be in the capital. but the timing of that is something i would want to w
Jul 11, 2012 11:00am EDT
the term obama care. we at cnn use the term the president's health care law instead of commenting to an audience that is very friendly to the audience and say you would repeal it is almost sort of inviting a confrontation. now, if you go on social media right now, you will see that there are a lot of republicans out there applauding mitt romney for coming into this audience and saying what he will do as president of the united states and this message may be designed not just for the naacp but to go out across the country because it's being carried live and go to those independent sectors of independent areas, battleground states and it's interesting to see the different takes on what happened here today, but no question about it, this was a very negative reaction to what mitt romney had to say here this morning. >> and it will be interesting to hear, jim, what romney thought about the reception there, what his own camp -- how they might spend this appearance by mitt romney there in houston. jim, thank you so much. let's discuss this further, however, with gop strategists and cnn c
Jul 30, 2012 8:00am PDT
organizations including cnn will petition to court to get them unsealed so we can get a better look at what is going on. >> a lot coming forward about his mental status, his mental health. we had many conversations about whether he was suffering from mental illness. we're learning more about the psychiatrist he was seeing. what more do we know about the parcel that holmes had mailed his psychiatrist and could we learn more about this? >> last monday, three days after the shooting at a mail room in the university of colorado, this package arrived containing a notebook addressed to a psychiatrist holmes was seeing. that much we know. the defense is saying, look, this is privileged communications between a doctor and patient. we want to have that. the judge will decide on that part of this today. it tells us that he was seeing a psychiatrist, but it doesn't tell us how long he was seeing her or why he was seeing her. we still have so many more questions about that and what degree of mental health care he may have been getting looding up to this, and the big question, was there any kind of fore
Jul 30, 2012 11:00am EDT
is joining me, a former new york prosecutor and criminal trial lawyer and cnn contributor. boy, lots to talk about here, paul. >> lots. >> why don't we -- do you think this case hinges right now on the question of his sanity? >> oh, it most definitely does because let's face it, the evidence against him is overwhelming. there's, you know, a theater full of witnesses, and he's caught by the police, and they have evidence about the apartment being wired, bombs set up. you know, factually, i think it's not hard to prove he committed this act. the only real issue is was he sane? and we'll see that today. we'll probably hear talk about whether he's even competent to stand trial. that's the first issue that you have to face in court. >> okay. well, let's talk about his psychiatric treatment and how this could play a factor in the trial. we were talking a lot in the past couple weeks about his mental state. could he be suffering from mental illness. there's a lot of reporting that has been done outside of cnn about that, and his psychiatrist. what do you find interesting, what are you paying attent
Jul 16, 2012 11:00am EDT
of the state of florida. >> so here's what rick scott told cnn this morning. >> this is not a partisan issue. you want people to register to vote, get involved in campaigns, and vote. we want to make sure this is done the right way. >> but john, aren't critics saying and combatting this, look, this just hits minorities and poor voters unevenly? >> they're still saying that. we talked to the democratic party chairman in broward county. he said that, look, there's huge hispanic populations in florida. and up until now when florida was using driver's license records when they first started to look into this, before they had access to the federal database, that they were getting all kinds of people that are primarily hispanic, primarily minorities so it's singling them out, and that it was not fair. and they're still saying it could be the case even now although they're hoping that this database is more accurate. >> and this is four months, you know, before the election. and you've got other states that have also been watching this very, very closely, john. wanting to do the same thing. so you k
Jul 30, 2012 4:00pm EDT
will certainly be the star of the show. but cnn has learned that bill clinton, the former president, will also have a very, very prominent role. let's go straight to white house correspondent brianna keilar. the two men, as a lot of us remember, they haven't always had the closest relationship, have they? >> no, wolf. during the height of the last go-round, the democratic primaries where you saw barack obama and hillary clinton duking it out in 2007 and 2008, sources tell cnn former president bill clinton felt very bitterly towards president obama because he felt his wife had been mistreated. now some of the wounds did heal after the election when you saw president obama -- then president-elect obama appointing secretary clinton as his secretary of state. and now you have a situation where bill clinton is one of his most visible surrogates. >> when bill clinton took the stage at the democratic convention in 2008, the crowd went wild. ♪ at first they wouldn't even let him start talking. >> i am honored to be here tonight. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. please. >> four years ago clinton
Jul 18, 2012 1:00pm PDT
are wounded. president obama's strongly condemning the attack calling it in his word barbaric. cnn's elise labott is joining us live with the very latest. bulgarians are of course investigating. i'm sure the israelis are as well. first of all, what are the bulgarians saying? >> reporter: well, wolf, forensic investigators on the scene. it's all very preliminary at this point, but they're saying that this was caused by a bus bomb already placed inside the bus. that's really all they know, but they're not ruling anything out. they say it's possibly a terrorist attack. obviously the israelis saying they're sure of it. but bulgarians not ruling anything in, not ruling anything out at this point, wolf. >> didn't take very long for the prime minister of israel, benjamin netanyahu to directly blame iran for this attack. >> reporter: that's right. a short time ago prime minister netanyahu, wolf, put out a statement saying all signs are leading to iran, his defense minister just spoke to reporters a short time ago. let's take a listen to what he said. >> this is clearly a terrorist attack initiated
Jul 13, 2012 8:00am PDT
. thank you for joining me today, i'm carol costello. cnn newsroom continues with keer a fill independence. >>> hello. it is 11:00 on the east coast, 8:00 on the west. friday the 13th everywhere, ask jpmorgan chase. the nation's biggest bank says the disastrous trades are worse than first believed. almost three times worse. >>> 240 yards long, 55 feet underground. another suspected drug tunnel out of commission on the u.s. mexican border. we'll take you deep inside. >>> and guys, would you rather be bald or impotent? propecia and what it may do to your sex life. >>> trying to outsmart the markets. in the case of jpmorgan chase, it is $5.8 billion and counting. that's how much the nation's biggest bank said it lost so far from a complex trading scheme that was supposed to hedge against risk. the updated figures came in as the ceo jamie dimon personally briefed analysts on second quarter earnings which still managed to beat expectations. team coverage this morning, alison kosik live at the new york stock exchange to explain how this could impact all of our wallets. let's start with felicia t
Jul 18, 2012 4:00pm EDT
, bobby jindal, and the former florida governor, jeb bush. cnn's national political correspondent, jim acosta, is in bolling green, ohio, where mitt romney just finished a town hall. >> reporter: wolf, mitt romney is announcing an all-out attack. the gop contender's response can be summed ups a, oh, no, you didn't. after days of attacks on his business record, mitt romney hopes he has found a way to change the story. and it has nothing to do with naming a running mate. >> how many people here were people who began a business or leading a business in this room please stand up? what he's saying is if someone has succeeded, if they'd built something, he's saying they didn't really build it. no, it was the government. it was the government that takes responsibilities. >> reporter: that get out of bain free card may have come in remarks made by the president last friday. a comment romney is blasting as anti-business. >> if you've got a business, you didn't build that. somebody else made that happen. >> reporter: romney's campaign manager is now fund raising off of the comment saying they ar
Jul 19, 2012 2:00am PDT
about any possible bad blood. that's in that cnn exclusive coming right up. >>> up first this morning, breaking news from tanzania where more than 30 people have drowned, over 100 more are feared dead after a ferry with nearly 300 people on board sank. about 150 people were rescued. but officials say there's not much hope for the passengers still missing. there were also 31 children on board. you are looking there at pictures of a little boy being saved. there were tourists on board as well. it's not clear if any of them were americans. rough weather an fierce waves are hampering rescue efforts and may be to blame for that tragedy. >>> this morning more than 60% of the u.s. are dealing with extreme drought conditions. nearly 1,300 counties in the united states have been labeled disaster areas. the obama administration is asking congress for drought relief help and to help pass a 5 500 billion dollar farm bill. right now crops are withering away under the heat, threatening to drive up prices on food and fuel in the nation. corn prices are coming next. tom vilsack says increased consume
Jul 12, 2012 11:00am EDT
with the department of health in mississippi and this is what they tell cnn. let me actually go so i get that exactly. can we come back to that official statement? that would be great. thank you. what we are told is despite some of the past minor citations that the jackson health organization has a very good record with the state health department. that is the statement we got. as we heard diane tell us the same thing, they are complying with what the state asked them to do. ! with aussie's simple, new hair solutions... [ whip cracking ] [ female announcer ]'re sure to find the perfect one for you. [ grunts ] [ female announcer ] add some roo to your do! za. >>> it's a key question that weighs heavily on trayvon's martin's family and the community. did his race play a role in the night george zimmerman killed the unarmed teen. new evidence released by prosecutors that give us insights into that exact question and includes a look at what fbi agents discovered during their investigation. martin savidge has been following this closely, combing through all the documents but let me ask you, is it n
Jul 22, 2012 1:00pm EDT
%. stay tuned. we'll tell you the correct answer. go to for more of the gps challenge. >>> also, remember, if you miss a show or one of our specials, go to and you can buy it. >>> this week's "book of the week" is "the sense of an ending" by julian barnes. it is a story of an elderly man reflecting on his life. it is a short, but very deep, novel. beautifully written, full of insights and wisdom. a short book that makes a big impact. it won one of the most prestigious book awards in the world. >>> now for the last look. take a look at this video. it reportedly shows a variable stampede for chickens in iran. you see chicken prices have skyrocketed there in recent months and because of scenes like this, the iranian people may have just had their last look at images of chickens. the nation's police chief recently asked broadcasters to stop showing images of chickens because such images might inspire the poor to take knives and fight the rich. now since we have a free press and no chicken price problems here, with no further ado, my favorite chicken image
Jul 8, 2012 1:00pm EDT
, 3%, c, 6%, or d, 9%? stay tuned and we'll tell you the correct answer. go to for more of the gps challenge and lots of inside and analysis and follow us on twitter and facebook. also remember, if you miss a show, go to itunes. you can get the audio podcast for free, or you can buy the video version. go directly there, type into your browser. instead of one book this week, we're going to give you five of our recent choices. think of it as summer reading. just don't think of it as homework. these are all fun reads. "adapt" offers a new approach to solving problems in your personal life, your career, your business. "franklin and winston," a fascinating book, one of my favorites. in the campaign season, one of the best presidential campaign books ever written was "the making of the president 1960" by theodore white. a work of fiction about iran's nuclear program and very good fiction at that. check out david ignatius' "the increment." finally, my own book, "the post american world release 2.0." if you like this show, i think you'll like the book. >>> now
Jul 31, 2012 10:00am PDT
shows a police station they took over. cnn cannot independently verify the authenticity of this video, however. >>> opening statements got under way today in the drew peterson trial. now, he is the former chicago area police officer accused of murdering his third wife, she was found dead in the bathtub in 2004. her death was treated as an accident. but peterson came under scrutiny when his fourth wife stacy disappeared. the trial is expected to last about a month. >>> now to what is going on in the olympics. okay. we got a spoiler alert, though. so put your tv on mute if you don't want to know who the winner is. the u.s. women's gymnastics team now in first place in the finals after the first rotation. they just did the vault. now, if the u.s. wins, it is going to be their first team gold since 1996. we'll watch this one and keep you posted. now, in swimming, the women's 200 meter freestyle happens in about two hours. 17-year-old american missy franklin takes on the world record holder federica pellegrini of italy. in men's swimming, michael phelps could win two medals today. first up
Jul 19, 2012 5:00am EDT
abdullah also telling cnn he's concerned about a growing al qaeda presence in syria, and with the country growing more unstable he worries syria's chemical weapons stockpile could fall into terrorist hands. >>> we have a developing story out of philadelphia this morning where police are searching for a predator. you have to look at this video. it is disturbing. you don't see stuff like this usually. video of a 10-year-old girl narrowly escaping an attempted abduction. there you see it. the footage from tuesday afternoon shows a man in a white car following a young girl as she walked down the street with her 2-year-old brother. the suspect sneaks up on the child and attempts to snatch her. her brother's screams may have scared the attacker off because suddenly he leaves the scene in his car. we'll have philadelphia mayor michael nutter on. he is offering a $10,000 award leading to an arrest. the mayor will join soledad o'brien live at 7:30 a.m. eastern. >>> and no hard feelings, justice scalia saying he hasn't had a falling out with chief justice roberts. roberts was the swing vote that ke
Jul 7, 2012 1:00pm EDT
with the new politics of extremism." cnn's political director mark preston and cnn's conservative contributor will cain. do they call you that? i keep adding that. >> i let you describe me. >> describes himself as a conservative and he says that two parties working together to achieve a solution is created today's problems. >> that's true. >> i don't understand what you're talking about. >> that's what i'm talking about is in historical perspective. norm will join nous a few minutes that will rebut what i have to say. i'm saying this combination of democrats and republicans seeking low taxes and high spending has created everything from social security to medicaid to no child left behind and i couldn't think we look look at these across the board and pump our fists good job, congress. yes, now we are in a terrible situation, ali. we are looking at a fiscal cliff that i'm going to take a pin and go over to your post-it note and get these three things done. >> right. >> before you just put bipartisan up on mount rush more realize what got us here in the first place. >> i'm not objecting to whet
Jul 30, 2012 9:00am EDT
related to them, and authorities. >> reporter: also today, carol, news organizations including cnn will argue before the court that documents in the case should be unsealed to give the public greater insight into this case. >> jim spellman reporting live this morning. what can we expect when holmes appears in court today? i'm joined by criminal defense attorney sharon lico. thanks for being with us this morning. most of the documents in the case file are sealed. a gag order restricts what attorneys and law enforcement officers can say about the case. is this unusual? >> it's the way it needs to be. this case has to be tried in a courtroom, not by the media, not in the press. remember, they have to get an impartial jury and it's going to be hard enough given all the pretrial publicity. i would expect the defense possibly will file a motion to change venue so that it's not heard in arapahoe county but heard somewhere else in the state of colorado where people aren't as emotionally charged. >> some details are expected to come out in court today. what can we expect? >> we can expect t
Jul 31, 2012 1:00pm EDT
, cnn, new york. >>> so a lot of us tied to our smartphones these days, avoiding social media for the olympics might almost seem impossible and the use of social media skyrocketing in the four years since the games in beijing. look at this. 2 wha 2008, twitter had 300,000 tweets per day. today there are 400 million per day. and facebook had 100 million active users. so now that number is up to 900 million. joining us to talk about the games, social media, justin peters, an editor at the columbia journal review and he's covering the games for slate. nice to see you here. how do you actually maneuver all of this? you can get it real time. >> everything, yeah. >> yeah. so how do you prevent from being a spoiler? >> it is not easy. but you can try. what you got to do is unplug, right? if you're really adamant you don't want to know anything about what is happening in the olympics until 7:00 at night, you got to stay away from twitter, got to disconnect from facebook, got to walk down the street with earmuffs on or something, do everything you can to try to avoid getting the news b
Jul 29, 2012 3:00am PDT
>>> from cnn world headquarters in atlanta, this is "early start weekend." trying to make a comeback after an embarrassing first run. i'm not talking about an olympic athlete, i'm talking about mitt romney's world tour. >>> a tale of two american swimmers in last night's must-see 400-meter race. >>> already, the spanish olympic team is making headlines but not for their talent. wait until you see why they're making waves and turning heads. >>> it is sunday, july 29. good morning, everyone. so glad you're with us. i'm randi kaye. in syria we may be in the beginning stages of a massacre. the warning from opposition leaders urging allies to act. >> translator: our friends and allies will bear responsibility for the terrifying massacres if aleppo if they don't move soon. the massacre is in aleppo. >> he's talking about the situation in aleppo, as you heard. army tanks battered the city saturday as forces loyal to president assad looked to kru el the crush -- crush the rebels. >>> mitt romney is meeting with israeli leaders. he will deliver a major address on foreign policy lat
Jul 7, 2012 10:00am PDT
>>> coming up in the cnn news room, the polls close in libya. a live report from tripoli and a report on widespread police corruption in puerto rico. "your money" starts now. >>> an economic storm is headed our way. i've given you the proof but you're demanding to know how we got here in the first place. i'm ali velshi. as long as your politicians don't tell you the truth about our economy i will. slow downs in europe and asia are creating economic head winds strong enough to blow us into another recession. that's where we are today but i'm so caught up in avoiding this recession that some of you think i'm not paying enough attention to how we got here and you may be right because we've got limited time and we need solutions and right now, those solutions, many of them, lie with congress. but there are causes and there are many of them. a simple answer would be the cleanest, the most convenient, out of control deficits or stimulus. it's barack obama or george w. bush, but it's not that simple, not that satisfying. one cause however does stand out amongst many. cheap and a
Jul 29, 2012 6:00am EDT
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